Project Type

Provincial incentives

Alberta offers a wide range of provincial solar incentives including:

On-Farm Solar Program:

Designed to reduce carbon emissions in the agricultural sector, this program offers an incentive of up to $.60 per installed watt up to 25% of project cost, with a $50,000 or 100kW cap. Producers in Alberta with a minimum of $10,000 farm commodity or livestock production income are eligible for this program.

Alberta Municipal Solar Program

AMSP is designed to help local governments implement solar projects. This makes it possible to finance solar at public schools, hospitals, city buildings, parks and other municipally-owned facilities. Small projects up to 10 kW are eligible for $.90 per installed watt, down to $.55 per installed watt for large projects of 2-5 mW.

Alberta Indigenous Solar Program

AISP is designed to assist Alberta’s First Nation communities install solar projects. AISP provides funding for up to 60% of eligible expenses with a $200,000 maximum per project. Applicants can access other non-Government of Alberta funded programs to cover the remaining 40% of the project costs up to 100% of the project cost.


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