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Did you know that under the Alberta Solar Net Billing program you can install solar panels on your roof, generate enough electricity to meet your own energy needs, and reduce your utility bill by up to 70%?

How about receiving 25-30% off your solar panels installation costs up to a maximum of $10’000 for residential customers and $500’000 for commercial and non-profit organizations? You may qualify for a new Residential and Commercial Solar Panels program by Energy Efficiency Alberta.

Or… you may also chose to go Off-Grid, install solar panels on the roof or ground, and become completely independent from your local utility company.

The choice is yours!


Request free quotes
Simply fill out a request form on our website, and receive free quotes for your solar panels installation. Getting a professional advice…

Solar site assessment and shading analysis
A reputable solar contractor will visit your property, determine the best location for your ground mount…

Review proposals and sign installation agreement
Once you receive several quotes from solar panels installers in your area, compare…

Apply for permit and contact your Wire Service Provider
Your solar panels installer should help you submit application for Alberta solar incentives and grants…

Submit connection request and install your solar system
Installation of your solar panels system is one of the major milestones of your solar panels project…

Final inspection and connection of your system
After scheduling and successfully passing inspection with your local electrical safety authority…

Start generating your own energy!
You are done! Start generating your own energy, reduce or eliminate your electricity…
1 Request free quotes.

Fill out a request form, tell us a few words about your project and your goals, and we’ll get back to you with FREE quotes from professional solar panels installers in your area. Please provide your address, so we can find your house on Google Maps, and determine the best location for your solar panels installation.

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2 Solar site assessment and shading analysis.

Solar panels installers will conduct a site assessment and shading analysis, inspect your roof condition, check your meter and electric panel, and identify connection location.

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3 Review proposals and sign installation agreement.

Once you are comfortable with the price of your turn-key system, quality of the components, and qualification of your solar installer, sign the Installation Agreement, and ask for their help in submitting your application for the Solar Energy Incentives program. Most of the solar companies in Ontario provide this service for free, or at least include it in their turn-key package. You should obtain the required documents (i.e. Parcel Register, Notarized Applicant Declaration Form, etc.), and apply for a solar panels incentives program as soon as possible.

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