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Steps To Install Solar Panels

  1. Request free quotes
  2. Solar site assessment and shading analysis.
  3. Review proposals and sign installation agreement.
  4. Apply for permit and contact your utility company.
  5. Submit connection request and install your solar system.
  6. Final inspection and connection of your system.
  7. Start generating your own energy!


  1. Simply fill out a request form on our website, and receive free quotes for your solar panels installation. Getting a professional advice, learning about solar incentives and grants in Alberta, figuring out the cost of solar panels and type of equipment required – it will all help you make an educated decision about going solar.
  2. A reputable solar contractor will visit your property, determine the best location for your ground mount or rooftop solar panels array, perform shading analysis, and provide you with an estimate for your electricity generation and solar panels system’s payback.
  3. Once you receive several quotes from solar panels installers in your area, compare “apples to apples”, ask for references, clarify types of solar equipment being used, and review terms and conditions of the purchasing agreement.
  4. Your solar panels installer should help you submit application for Alberta solar incentives and grants (NetMetering, Power Purchase Agreement Programs, etc.), provide engineering assessment, look after the required building permits and approvals, and contact your local utility company.
  5. Installation of your solar panels system is one of the major milestones of your solar panels project. Your contractor will perform manual integration (installation of racking system, solar modules, inverter(s), etc.) and electrical wiring of all of the components (strings of modules, combiner boxes, system disconnect, generation meter, etc.)
  6. After scheduling and successfully passing inspection with your local electrical safety authority, your local distribution company will install your generation meter, connect your system, and provide you with the final set of documents to sign.
  7. You are done! Start generating your own energy, reduce or eliminate your electricity bill and help the environment!