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Construction Guidelines for Solar-Ready Homes in Alberta

news-image Natural Resources Canada is working on new guidelines for homebuilders that will make new houses easier to retrofit for solar, even if the solar panels are installed long after the construction of the house. The “Photovoltaic Ready Guidelines” make recommendations... Read More

A new Tesla Station Wagon

news-image A Tesla Station Wagon May Soon Become Available in Europe For U.S. and Canada drivers, the station wagon conjures a mental slideshow of nostalgic images. The iconic long, boxy silhouette is reminiscent of long family road trips, or piling the... Read More

Can solar panels be recycled?

news-image Those interested in the potential of solar panel technology are undoubtedly concerned about protecting our planet’s fragile environment. One current issue of debate among environmentalists concerns the best way to recycle solar panels when they reach the end of their... Read More

Floating Solar Arrays Are the Wave of the Future

news-image 21st-century technology is helping us address our shared challenges in a variety of exciting ways. We have long known about harnessing the power of the sun’s rays to provide energy, but one of the newest innovations in the solar industry... Read More

Tesla’s New Roadster

news-image Last week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk delighted fans and put other automakers on notice with a surprise reveal of its next-gen Roadster – a vehicle which, according to the automaker, can go from zero to 60 miles an hour in... Read More

Shade Being Thrown On Your Solar System? You Need This!

news-image It was only as little as five years ago; if your south facing roof was too shaded or small to install solar panels, a home solar energy system was just not considered feasible. Fast-forward to 2017 and these design complications... Read More

Maximize Your Solar Energy Production in Alberta With the Right Pitch

news-image Solar in Canada is not only possible; it makes more sense than you think. In fact, a residential solar system installed in Alberta will generate a third more solar energy per annum then the same system in the leading solar... Read More

A Solar Eclipse? What This Means For Canadian Solar Energy Homeowners

news-image In case you haven’t heard, a total solar eclipse is imminent and it is creating a lot of excitement in the United States. As an Albertan, you may be curious to know whether you’ll get to share in our neighbor’s... Read More

All new schools in Alberta to have solar panels installed

news-image October 27th, 2016 As part of it’s Green Initiative the Government of Alberta will be investing almost $9 million in installation of solar panels on the rooftops of 36 new schools that are now in the planning and design stage. The funding... Read More

Renewable Electricity Program in Alberta

news-image The government of Alberta has recently launched the Renewable Electricity Program aiming to install 5’000 megawatts of renewable electricity capacity by 2030. It is intended to help province meet growing electricity demand, reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, and achieve 30%... Read More